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Hi Kelsey, 

One thing that might help, by giving you a more tactile representation of the screen, is to get a Speed dots tactile screen overlay. They are less than $10 and come in several styles to fit just about any iPhone model. 

There is one with a full QWERTTY keyboard with dots on each letter except for the F and J keys and I think a few other keys. This can help get your fingers in line. They also have one that has just the F and J keys marked with dots, a dot on the number 5 or center of screen and a few other dots for key areas. You can find them at www.speeddots.com <http://www.speeddots.com/>. 

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> Hello,
> I was hoping someone could help me. I use a Braille display with my iPhone for typing. I use Braille screen input when I don’t have my Braille display with me, but having to rotor over to Braille screen input whenever I need to type something can be a bit of a pain. However, I cannot use the onscreen keyboard; it takes forever for me to type a message. I’ve tried standard and touch typing and both are about the same. I am comfortable typing on the computer, but I have to hunt and peck on the iPhone. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try to make touch typing easier?
> Kind Regards, Kelsey Nicolay
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