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rboggess54 at gmail.com rboggess54 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 18 16:34:57 EST 2018

We are just beginning to try to use Zoom.  I have been very impressed with
the accessibility with VoiceOver and Jaws.  I do have a couple of questions
since I think I have heard discussion about Zoom on previous Main Menu


We are planning to have a setup for people to join via internet or phone.
It appears there are two phone numbers shown on the meeting invitation.
Does it matter which number people use or is there anything they should
consider when deciding which one to use?


I have downloaded and set up Zoom on my iPhone and PC.  Last night I set up
and attended a practice meeting using my iPhone.  This morning I noticed
there is a second Zoom app downloaded to my phone.  There are fields for my
email address and three fields for access keys.  When I select the "learn
more" option, I get this message.  "To set up your application, you will
need your email address and the access key provided in the welcome message
from your IT admin."


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Rick Boggess


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