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Excellent! Looking forward to hearing it. It’s always mystified me even though I took a brief seminar.




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Hi everyone.


In this week’s show, I talk about GarageBand for iOS. The amount of time I had to demonstrate was over-estimated and so I had to cut things a little short. In doing so, you don’t get the explanation of how the idea of the GarageBand segment came about. So, here it is:


A listener, Harry, wrote in and told me about a friend of his who has been a musician for forty plus years. Unfortunately, this friend developed neuropathy in his hands rendering him unable to play a piano keyboard due to the numbness in his fingers. At a local music store, a clerk suggested that if he is able to use a touch screen, he might want to give GarageBand a try. Not only can one compose music right on the screen, but using accessories, one can connect to other music equipment. Harry suggested I talk about and demonstrate GarageBand.


That’s it. I felt the background might be interesting for some to understand.


Thanks much and enjoy the show!






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