The ACB Braille Forum Vol. LIII September 2014 No. 3

Table of Contents President’s Report to the National Convention, Part I, by Kim Charlson Bureau of Engraving and Printing Begins Distributing Currency Readers, by Melanie Brunson Final Thoughts on Las Vegas, by Janet Dickelman Special Ceremony Introduces ACB Angels Memorial Tribute at Opening Session, by Dan Spoone A Peek Behind the Scenes of the 2014 ACB Auction, by Penny Crane ACB: Changing the World One Winery at a Time, by Marlaina Lieberg ADP’s Inaugural Mentorship Program a Success!, by Susan Glass Tips on Applying for Social Security Disability Benefits, by Lisa Giorgetti Passings Affiliate News Letter to the Editor Here and There, edited by Sharon Strzalkowski High Tech Swap Shop
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